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High-Speed Consultants

LMC LiveMotionConcept GmbH

LMC is your choice for any high-speed-video production.

Since 1995 we have supervised all international major sporting events.

LMC´s exclusive Broadcast Highspeed Camera System ANTELOPE is powered by Vision Research technology. The specially designed software/hardware package makes it the most flexible Ultra-Slow-Motion system in the market.

Antelope has been used at various World Championships (Soccer, Handball, Red Bull Air Race, Formula One...), Olympics and major sporting events (MotoGP, ATP Tennis, Golf, etc.)

In 2009 and 2010 LMC and the Antelope system were awarded with an Emmy for outstanding technical team remote.

LMC is regulary supplying  Highspeed technology for various feature film productions and commercial shoots.

Focusing on LIVE Sports Broadcast as well as commercial and feature film productions we supply:

  • Various Vision Research cameras including Phantom HD, v640 etc.
  • AntelopeHD Ultra-Slow-Motion
  • FalconCam, gyro-stabilized Ultra-Slow-Motion
  • AntelopeAIR, wireless Ultra-Slow-Motion
  • Mobile production vehicles
  • Fly-packs
  • Highly skilled engineers and operators
  • World-wide 24/7 service support

Tel:  +49-6123-79550-0
Fax: +49-6213-79550-22
Werftstrasse 8
Walluf 65395

IRTA srl

RTA srl is a leader in the High-Speed Imaging and Slow Motion Analysis industry in Italy and throughout Europe. We grant you top level High-Definition and High-Speed Cameras, such as Vision Research Phantom cameras, together with unique know-how in the field of High-Speed Imaging and Slow Motion Analysis.

IRTA srl offers technology and know-how useful in technical, research and advertising applications, directly in your company, in Italy and Europe. The new High-Speed Video Recording technique combined with accurate Cinematic Analysis permits you to control the processes and tests in a fully non-intrusive way.

IRTA srl cooperates strictly with Universities, certification laboratories, R&S, and Quality Assurance of companies operating in military, aeronautic, manufacturing, electric, biomedical, electronic, and civil and space fields.

Tel::  +39 02 87166746
Fax: (39) 02 4070 5104

Alessio Bandera, Ph.D.

Via Durando 38/A
20158 Milan, Italy

Operating offices:
Piazza Castello 2
20121 Milan, Italy


Digital Video Sud (DVS)

Since 1997, Digital Video Sud (DVS) is the European leading company in TV live super slow-motion & ultra-motion services.

DVS deploys its services worldwide with on-field technicians.

Our highly skilled international team of engineers and operators makes DVS the number one provider for your slow-motion services requirements.

Our highly-experienced crew is used to operate on field for premier sporting events : Olympics, FIFA World Cups, ATP Gran Slams, Formula One GP…

  • Crews used to operate with various languages spoken customer technical crews, from USA, Japan, Europe, Arabian Gulf, Brazil, and any more.
  • The 10 years  premier sporting events ultra-motion, with services for FIFA World Cups since 1998, Olympics since 2000, Formula One since 2004…
  • Permanent on-field experience all along the year worldwide: know-how with almost existing diagram OB connections.
  • Complete autonomy from DVS offices for far-away works, such as the ones complied in Siberia, South-Africa, Argentina, Western Canada, Korea…

Tel: +33 (0)442 97 26 26
Fax: +33 (0)442 97 26 27

Z.A. Les Milles
200 rue Jean de Guiramand
13858 Aix en Provence CEDEX 03

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