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Turnkey Broadcast Solutions

Digital Video Sud (DVS)

Since 1997, Digital Video Sud (DVS) is the European leading company in TV live super slow-motion & ultra-motion services.
DVS dedicated highly-experienced team provides worldwide broadcasters with a full range of High-Definition slow-mo equipments & turnkey services.
Our expertise is to operate complex slow motion systems in broadband network within the constraint on live TV broadcast.

DVS patented in 2004 the worldwide first ultra-motion solution for TV live replays, with SuperloupeTM 500 frames/sec system.
Superloupe HD+ Picture1 (cf attachement)

Based on our 23 Vision research High Speed cameras, DVS developed Superloupe systems adapted to your need :     
Superloupe HD+/ 4K - RF/Mini RF - Speed Tracks - ENG - Drone ...
DVS is worldwide well-known for its expertise in delivering host broadcasters with full super slow motion and ultra motion HD live production, for the major sporting events’ international signals ( F1, Olympics, FIFA World Cup).

Place to Pick-up:

7/24 service & on-site support
Tel: +33 (0)442 97 26 26
Fax: +33 (0)442 97 26 27
Z.A. Les Milles
200 rue Jean de Guiramand
13858 Aix en Provence CEDEX 03




Inertia Unlimited

Inertia Unlimited has been in involved with the innovation of many ground breaking cameras and the owner, Jeff Silverman, is the recipient of 3 sports Emmy awards for his camerawork.

In 2003 Inertia Unlimited brought a Vision Research® V7.0 to the World Series for Fox Sports Television. Since then Vision Research® cameras (known on-air as X-Mo) supplied by Inertia Unlimited, have been used at the last 2 Olympics, this year's Superbowl, the British Open, NBA basketball, NCAA basketball and football, HBO Boxing, as well as almost 300 MLB baseball games this year.

Inertia Unlimited has available for rent, multiple SD and HD systems all optimized for commercial production and live sports applications. 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year support is available for all of our systems.

Highly trained crews are available through Inertia Unlimited, strategically located around the United States and in Sydney, Australia.

Jeff Silverman

Tel: 802-368-2591
Cel: 954-232-8503

320 Pratt Road
Jacksonville, VT 05342



I-MOVIX is the worldwide leader in extreme slow motion for sports broadcast (from 75 to over 5,000 FPS). The company’s products are the first true ultra-slow motion systems, fully integrated for broadcast use, offering the unprecedented combination of very high frame rates and instant replay, or continuous streaming.

I-MOVIX offers a new line of products based on the market-defining X10 ultra slow motion technology. The new product line emphasises modular configurability around the X10 Camera Control Unit to suit any Vision Research Phantom camera, and any configuration can be customized to meet performance and budget targets across a wide range of production scenarios. The entire X10 product range has been optimized for upgradeability to allow for evolving production requirements and upcoming generations of cameras.

Brand New X10 Product Line (NAB 2014) from I-MOVIX on Vimeo.  Ultra Slow Motion & Super Slow Motion in HD and Ultra HD Super Slow Motion Ultra Slow Motion The High-Speed Integration for Broadcast for your Phantom Camera One X10 CCU with Multiple Camera Heads

LMC Live Motion Concept GmbH

Antelope MkIIs® - PhantomPowered

The HD Broadcast Ultra Slow Motion Turnkey Solution

Antelope MkIIs® is the newest product within the Antelope Highspeed Camera Family.

The camera is PhantomPowered and based on the Phantom v641 digital high-speed camera. The camera body and controllers have been redesigned to match the look and feel of a standard broadcast camera.

LMC Antelope MkIIs records frame rates of up to 5,350 fps in 720p and 2,560 fps in 1080i image. Quality and light sensitivity is outstanding and defines a new standard in ultra slow motion technology.

Major features include continuous recording; which means that a second video output is available for continuous shooting even during replay play-out. It can be used with any broadcast lens due to a unique lens adaption system. Both eyepiece viewfinder and HD LCD viewfinder are available – both feature TALLY LIGHT. Return signals will be available in  the next version. It´s more light sensitive with improved signal processing. MkII uses standard SMTPE fiber cables with LEMO connectors.

LMC has specially focused on professional broadcast controls to make the system easy to operate for any broadcast engineer with no intense training required. The RCP and OCP have broadcast standard dimensions so they can be easily integrated into any OB facility. All broadcast standard functions are implemented in the controls.

The RCP features triggering, live triggering, multiple recording banks, lever with dynamic playback speed change, and programmable mark points for live replay, tally, and speed-up function.

The OCP is comparable with a standard broadcast camera OCP with all necessary controls like black and white levels and references,  preselection of stored matrices, frame rate, shutter speed adjustment, saturation, gamma, chroma, gain, individual color control, plus a fast and precise iris control with a sensitive lever.

The LMC-exclusive DE-FLICKERING solution which eliminates lighting related flickering is available as an add-on to all ANTELOPE products.

Additional products like the fully wireless ANTELOPE AIR®, as well as the gyro stabilized FalconCAM ultra slow motion solution, and the ANTELOPE 3D are also available.

About LMC LiveMotionConcept

Located in the heart of Europe, LMC operates in the professional broadcast field since 1994. The ANTELOPE product range which is an LMC exclusive development is being used by all major broadcasters at major events like World Championships, Olympics and major national events.

ANTELOPE is made in Germany and can be found in all professional production areas from Broadcast over Commercial shoots to documentaries and feature films. Strong partners all over the globe help to support Antelope products.

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Vortex VRTM

 Vortex VR Logo

Complete High Speed Image Capture System with Vision Research RTO interface and Phantom® Camera

Psitech’s Vortex VRTM offers long duration recording of high frame rate capture, tailored specifically to Vision Research high speed cameras. Controls image capture and playback, manages multiple image files and interface to your video editing application software for an efficient workstation HDSDI System. All with an easy to use Graphical User Interface.
 Vortex VR

  • HDSDI display  and playback support includes 3G-SDI and Dual Link 
  • Uncompressed image storage ensures no loss of data
  • Customizable storage options allow for hours of recording time 
  • Options include simultaneous image capture, conversion, processing and playback

Optional SONET Communications Interface for remote camera head connected over Single Mode Fiber.

Complete System includes:

Vortex VR Chassis with 12TB Internal Storage
Windows Operating System
16x9 Flat-screen Monitor
Keyboard, Mouse, cables
Phantom®   Camera and control cable   

  • HD Formats Supported: 720, 1080  
  • Image sizes up to 2560 x 1600   
  • Integrated color look up table (LUT), Matrix and color corrector for color matching.

For further information contact:

Psitech Inc.

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