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Broadcast Service Providers

Digital Video Sud (DVS)

 Since 1997, Digital Video Sud (DVS) is the European leading company in TV live super slow-motion & ultra-motion services.
DVS dedicated highly-experienced team provides worldwide broadcasters with a full range of High-Definition slow-mo equipments & turnkey services. Our expertise is to operate complex slow motion systems in broadband network within the constraint on live TV broadcast. DVS patented in 2004 the worldwide first ultra-motion solution for TV live replays, with SuperloupeTM 500 frames/sec system.

Based on our 23 Vision research High Speed cameras, DVS developed Superloupe systems adapted to your need :

  • Superloupe HD+/ 4K - RF/Mini RF - Speed Tracks - ENG - Drone. Click here for additional information.

DVS offers to rental, 15 EVS Video Server       

  • EVS XT2/XT3/4K, and all the peripherals, IP director, Xfiles, CCAST

DVS is a facility company owning 4x High-Definition tapeless slow motion mobile Outside Broadcast production units (OB vans).  

  • Specialized Operators & Technicians         
  • Operating throught the world         
  • 7/24 service & on-site support

Tel: +33 (0)442 97 26 26
Fax: +33 (0)442 97 26 27

Z.A. Les Milles
200 rue Jean de Guiramand
13858 Aix en Provence CEDEX 03



AntelopeHD is Phantom Powered.

AntelopeHD is your choice when needing a reliable, easy-to-integrate, professional HD Ultra-Slow-Motion system exclusively developed by LMC for the highest LIVE Broadcast TV standards.

AntelopeHD records up to 5,800 frames per second in native HD and in superior image quality.

LMC´s AntelopeHD systems feature:

  • Full professional broadcast compability
  • Adaptable color matrix (matching Sony, Ikegami, GV etc.)
  • High dynamic range and superior light sensitivity
  • LMC´s exclusive DE-FLICKERING solution which eliminates flickering during the replay
  • Dual output (live and replay)
  • Multi-Bank recording
  • EVS compatibility
  • SMPTE connection (including Intercom, Tally and Return Signals)
  • Wireless Solution (HD-Video and camera telemetry)
  • Gyro-stabilized mount
  • Hand-held solution

LMC has developed the AntelopeHD Ultra-Slow-Motion system in close partnership with Vision Research.

Being present on the market since 1995, LMC is the pioneer in Slow-Motion and High Speed Solutions.

Supplying technology for all major sporting productions LMC is known as broadcast partner with state-of-the-art technology paired with highly skilled engineers and well-trained operators.

LMC headquarters is located in the heart of Europe and operates throughout the world.

Please visit or for further information.

For any inquiries please contact us at:

+49.6123.795500 or


Inertia Unlimited

Inertia Unlimited has been in involved with the innovation of many ground breaking cameras and the owner, Jeff Silverman, is the recipient of 3 sports Emmy awards for his camerawork.

In 2003 Inertia Unlimited brought a Vision Research® V7.0 to the World Series for Fox Sports Television. Since then Vision Research® cameras (known on-air as X-Mo) supplied by Inertia Unlimited, have been used at the last 2 Olympics, this year's Superbowl, the British Open, NBA basketball, NCAA basketball and football, HBO Boxing, as well as almost 300 MLB baseball games this year.

Inertia Unlimited has available for rent, multiple SD and HD systems all optimized for commercial production and live sports applications. 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year support is available for all of our systems.

Highly trained crews are available through Inertia Unlimited, strategically located around the United States and in Sydney, Australia.

Jeff Silverman

Tel: 802-368-2591
Cel: 954-232-8503

320 Pratt Road
Jacksonville, VT 05342



AbelCinehas been providing film and digital camera rentals to the production community since 1989. We have the expertise and services to support your Phantom® rental, including technical specialists on staff, in-house pre-production and post services, as well as an exclusive Phantom Technician and Rental House training program.

Visit us online to learn more about our Phantom related services.

Tel: 888-223-1599
Tel: 212-462-0100

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