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Live Event Broadcast Applications

Ultra-slow motion playback at live events, especially sporting events, is becoming more and more popular. The Phantom v642 digital high-speed camera, while designed for a variety of 2 megapixel and 4 megapixel applications, is especially well suited for live broadcast applications.

A "broadcast ready" ultra-slThe Phantom v641 is especially well suited for live broadcast applicationsow motion camera has a few key requirements from the broadcast industry:

  • It should allow the on-field camera operator to follow the live action at all times.

  • It must be able to simultaneously play back a high-quality HD clip. Ideally, experienced OB Truck camera operators should be able to drive the camera from an EVS system. Because of unpredictable outdoor lighting, the camera needs to have high light sensitivity. It should be "3D ready".

By design, all of these requirements are met with the Phantom  v642, and the camera forms the "core" of a number of "broadcast ready" solutions from Solution Providers worldwide.

Phantom cameras have covered all major global sporting events of the past few years, and the v642 has been used at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Super Bowl, the 2010 Olympics and the World Series, just to name a few events.Phantom cameras have covered all major global sporting events

The v642 can shoot 1920x1080 HD at speed up to 2700 fps. At 1280x720, shoot at up to 5850 fps. Either way, you can achieve up to 90X slow motion with the v642 -- far more than is typically required for ultra-slow motion.

The video system controls on the v642 allows for complete control of the HD-SDI image. Working with color matrices, hue, gamma, chroma, etc. enables the v642 to match other HD broadcast cameras shooting an event at normal speeds.

An electronic global shutter capable of microsecond exposure times ensures the ability to eliminate motion blur.

Light sensitivity rated at 1200 ISO (color, using ISO 12232 SAT method) means the v642 can gather enough light to deal with high frame-rates, short exposure times and unpredictable lighting conditions.


Multi-cine support allows the user to segment memory into multiple clips. One segment is always recording the live image while another segment can be playing-back a previously recorded slow-motion clip. When an important event takes place, trigger the live segment to store the event. The live recording automatically moves to the next segment. Meantime, you can view, trim, and play back the just-recorded clip from camera memory.

Our unique Versatile Dual HD-SDI capability supports the multi-cine features in a sensible way. One HD-SDI video output is always live while the second output can is configured to play back -- simultaneously. There is no interruption in the live image on the first HD-SDI (or viewfinder) while playing back a saved cine clip. Alternatively, the two HD-SDI ports can be configured for 4:4:4 playback.

One of our many partnersEVS support via UltraMotion supports the v642 natively, enabling all these features from the OB Truck.

Frame Synchronization (FSYNC) and Genlock enable 3D applications.Vision Research won an Emmy in 2011

The television industry has recognized Vision Research's invaluable impact of high-definition, ultra-slow-motion technology by awarding us an Emmy from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) 2009-2010 Technical/Engineering Achievement Awards. 

The Emmy was awarded in the category of “HD Super Slow Motion Systems for Acquisition, Recording, and Playback for Broadcast Entertainment and Sports Productions”

For more information about the use of a Phantom v642 in live event broadcast applications, contact your nearest Vision Research sales representative. For "broadcast ready solutions" that are ready to go to work today, contact our Solution Provider partners for broadcast applications.

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