Phantom v2010

The Phantom® v2010 provides a widescreen CMOS sensor and delivers an industry-leading speed of over 22,000frames-per-second at full 1 megapixel resolution.

  • 1280 x 800 resolution
  • 28 micron pixel size, 12-bit depth
  • ISO Monochrome 64,000T; 20,000D; Color 6,400T; 5,000D
  • 500ns minimum exposure with the FAST option
  • Records direct to CineMag
  • Standard on-camera-controls
  • 10Gb Ethernet

The Phantom v2010 camera is a powerful new addition to the Phantom® v-Series family of 1 megapixel digital high-speed cameras. Designed with versatility and flexibility at the forefront, it is an excellent tool for researchers, scientists and engineers who need to capture high-resolution images at ultra-high speeds.

With our proprietary widescreen CMOS sensor, the v2010 can acquire and save up to 22 gigapixels-per-second of data. That means at its full megapixel resolution of 1280 x 800, you can achieve greater than 22,000 frames-per-second (fps).

The custom-designed sensor has 28 micron pixels, ensuring superb light-sensitivity -- essential in ultra-high-speed imaging. Standard 12-bit depth per pixel yields high dynamic range and provides excellent image quality.

The v2010 has common signal connections conveniently located on its back panel. Connections include timecode, dual power inputs, HD-SDI, a GPS input, frame synchronization, and trigger. The two HD-SDI ports can be configured in several ways. They can act as identical 4:2:2 HD-SDI ports where one port can be set up to provide an (optional) on-screen display for monitoring the on-camera controls and camera operation. They can also be configured as a single 4:4:4 Dual-Link HD-SDI port.

An internal mechanical shutter allows for automatic and remote black references.

The camera comes with a Nikon F-mount that also supports G-mount lenses. Or, you can equip it with a Canon EF mount, C-mount or PL-mount.

The v2010 can be equipped with 24GB, 48GB or 96GB of high-speed memory. You can also minimize cine save times with our Phantom CineMag feature that comes standard on the v2010. This feature lets you save any shot from high-speed RAM to a CineMag in seconds. The camera comes in color and monochrome versions.


What's in the Box...

  • Power supply
  • Ethernet cable
  • Capture cable
  • Phantom PCC software
  • Getting Started Guide