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Phantom Miro Airborne HD

  • Ideal Solution for High Resolution Airborne Applications
  • 1920 x 1080 and a maximum full-resolution frame rate of 335 fps
  • Comes in color or monochrome versions
  • Eliminate blur with shutter speeds as low as 2 microseconds
  • HQ mode eliminates the need for black referencing


Compact. Lightweight. Rugged. The perfect balance of resolution, speed, and light-sensitivity. Flexible triggering. Secure, removable, non-volatile CompactFlash® memory. Everything you need in a high-speed digital imaging system for airborne applications.

With a variety of image sizes up to 1920 x 1080 and a maximum full-resolution frame rate of 335 frames-per-second (fps), you will find a setting that matches your need. Higher frames rates are available at reduced resolutions.

The Phantom Miro Airborne HD’s CMOS sensor has an ISO 12232 rating of 640 (monochrome) ensuring the light-sensitivity required in high-speed imaging applications. And, it comes in color or monochrome versions. With access to all 10-bits of gray scale information, you can bring out the detail in shadows that result from uncontrollable and constantly changing lighting situations.

What's in the Box...

  • AC power supply with power cord
  • 8 GB CompactFlash card
  • Capture cable with 6 BNCs - 1 meter length
  • Ethernet cable - 5m
  • PCC Software Getting Started Guide


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