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Phantom - When it's too fast to see, and too important not to.

Phantom Camera Products

Phantom Miro eX4

The perfect balance of resolution, speed, and light-sensitivity in a self-contained solution

  • Resolution (Pixels): 800 x 600
  • Over 1,200 fps at full resolution
  • DSLR form factor
  • Innovative image-based auto-trigger

Phantom Miro eX4

Lightweight, portable, rugged.

The Phantom Miro eX4 has everything you need in a digital high-speed imaging system. Whether you are researching the flight of a bumble bee, troubleshooting the fill/seal step of your packaging process, analyzing a golf swing, or drop-testing mobile appliances, there is a Phantom Miro camera that can help you explore your world.

Point-and-shoot, review and edit – all from the built-in LCD touch screen which also provides immediate feedback on the results of your test or experiment. You can play and rewind the slow-motion movie in normal or fast mode or step through your movie one frame at a time. Trimming the movie is as easy as setting in-points and out-points prior to saving. With the new Miro eX4, you can also control multi-cine setups and even program our new Image-Based Auto-Trigger feature with the LCD interface.

What's in the Box...


  • Power supply
  • Ethernet cable
  • PCC software
  • Getting started guide
  • C- to F-mount adapter