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Phantom - When it's too fast to see, and too important not to.

Phantom Camera Products

Phantom Miro 3

Introducing the first member of the Phantom Miro family of high-speed digital cameras

  • Hi-G rated
  • Great for crash test or other harsh environments
  • 800 x 600 at 1,200 fps

Phantom Miro 3

The Phantom Miro 3, is optimized for applications such as Hydraulically Controlled, Gas Energized (HYGE) crash simulations used in the automotive industry.

Rated to survive 100g acceleration, this rugged camera can take 800 x 600 pixel images at up to 1,200 frames-per-second (or 2,252 fps at 512 x 512). Reduce the resolution to 32 x 16 and achieve frame rates greater than 111,100 fps. With an ISO rating of 4800 (monochrome, saturation-based ISO 12232), the camera has the light sensitivity for the most demanding applications.

With shutter speeds as low as 2 microseconds, the user can freeze objects in motion, eliminate blur, and bring out the image detail needed for successful motion analysis. 

What's in the Box...

  • Power supply
  • Ethernet cable
  • PCC software
  • Getting Started guide