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Phantom Camera Products

Phantom CineFlash

  • Hot Swapable
  • Eliminates the need to download the file after each shot
  • All files saved in Cine RAW format
  • Manage your Cine files on MAC or PC


The Phantom CineFlash is a powerful component of the Phantom Miro M-series product line, enabling Cine raw footage to be quickly transferred from the camera’s RAM to safe, non-volatile storage.   These lightweight, solid-state storage devices are hot-swappable and designed to keep you shooting on the go.

There are several benefits to Phantom CineFlash drives:

  • Security. Immediately save your high-speed images from the camera’s dynamic RAM to CineFlash non-volatile memory so you have a secure copy of your shot.

  • Productivity. Eliminates the need to download the file after each shot, meaning less down-time in between takes.

  • Quality. Files saved to the CineFlash are always saved in the Cine raw format, which maximizes  image quality and workflow options.

  • Portability.  Whether using a Phantom RCU or an auto-save setup, when saving to an internal CineFlash, there’s no need to connect the camera to a PC.

Once the CineFlash drive is full, download Cine raw files over the camera’s Ethernet connection or via the Phantom CineFlash Dock’s E-Sata connection.  Using the CineFlash Dock and appropriate drivers, you can mount the CineFlash on a PC or Mac computer and easily manage your Cines files.

Every Miro M / LC-Series camera purchase comes standard with a Phantom CineFlash drive and CineFlash Dock. CineFlash drives are available in sizes up to 240GB.

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