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Lighting for Ultra High-Speed

Obtaining a high quality shot at ultra high frame rates depends on sensitivity, quality of the image sensor, as well as the lighting environment. Each time the camera speed doubles, the amount of necessary light doubles. Phantom digital high-speed cameras are legendary for their sensitivity in low light environments; however, adding more light to your event can greatly increase image quality and flexibility in the shot.

Since sensitivity is fixed, the aperture and shutter speed can be used to achieve various depths of field so long as the lighting is consistent. The decision on the type of lighting you use will give you the most flexibility in your shots without compromising the image quality or the frame rate.VRI-MICROBEAM-

The type of lighting is just as critical as the amount of light when capturing images at high-speed. Criteria to consider when designing or planning your lighting environment include the environment, frequency of the event, object reflectivity, and color. 

The direction of the lighting can also have a dramatic effect on the quality image. Light can be direct in either spotlight, flood, reflective or indirect. Using multiple light sources can help highlight key perspectives of the subject as well as focus on detail within the frame while providing for flexibility.

There are a variety of lighting solutions, standard and specialized, that are used to illuminate high speed events. Specialized lasers can be pulsed at specific rates, intensity and color. High-speed LED lighting can provide a cooler color temperature above 6500 K to maximize intensity without the cost of power or exposing subject matter to heat. Conventional tungsten lighting is low cost; providing 3200 K color temperature. HMI lighting with specialized ballasts can provide for cooler color temperatures and provide high intensity and quantity of light but with increased power and heat.

Phantom digital high-speed cameras have been used with a variety of lighting systems to capture subjects supporting many applications.

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