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Phantom Camera Products

Lensing for Digital High-Speed Cameras

Vision Research’s Phantom line of digital high-speed cameras support a variety of applications leveraging a broad range of lens mounts and lens types.

Considerations when choosing a mount and lens system are sensor size, optical coverage, and lens speed. Lens speed is important in ultra high-speed acquisition. The intensity of light at a desired focal length becomes critical as frame rate requirements increase. This is especially true with light challenged environments when large aperture settings are necessary.VRI-L12.5C_lens

Lenses are composed of many different optical components with a variety of surfaces for light transmission from the subject to the imager. The quality and price of a lensing system depends upon design, precision of manufacture, quality of the glass, and the surface treatments used.

Wide angle lenses cover a larger view of angle; allowing the camera to capture more action within a single frame with some optical distortion. Fixed high-speed focal length lenses are used to achieve the highest image quality. Macro lenses can provide close-up image capability with high image quality with the ability to fill the image area when viewing small objects close-up.

Ultra high speed cameras, when coupled with specialty lenses that include long distance lenses and microscopes, can be used for viewing and recording high-speed microscopic events.  Borescopes either rigid or flexible with channeled lighting allow for image captures in space restricted environments.

Phantom cameras are used in a variety of applications to capture the unseen. They are compatible with all standard and specialized lensing systems.

Lens mounts available with Phantom Cameras: Nikon Manual/G Style, Canon EOS, C-mount, Hi-G C-mount, L-mount, Jonel, Mamiya, PL, and Super PL.

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