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Velocimetry - New Forum for Laser Flow Diagnostic Techniques -


Established in 2008, Velocimetry forum is an online centre for Laser Flow Diagnostics Techniques (PIV, StereoPIV, MicroPIV, NanoPIV, High speed PIV, PTV, LDV, PDPA, PLIF, ILIDS, PSP etc). This forum is being developed to provide as much information as possible about the Laser Flow Diagnostics Techniques in a consolidated manner.

The forum includes Basic Principles, Applications, Discussion forums, Links to 'Links'. Continuous efforts are taken to put together all the present and possible applications of these techniques. The forum also provides a comprehensive collection of annotated links to information related to Laser Flow Diagnostics Techniques. Velocimetry forum hopes to become the reference centre for all queries related to Laser Flow Diagnostic Techniques.