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Renta Imagen / Cucrisma Has Phantom Flex Camera Available for Rentals in Mexico

Imagen / Cucrisma Acquires Their First Phantom Flex Camera


Renta Imagen, with more than 30 years of experience renting graphic and digital cinema equipment, have joined the Cucrisma family to manage and offer Vision Research's Emmy award winning Phantom Flex digital high-speed camera to our clients in Mexico and Latin America.

“After taking some time analyzing the various digital high-speed camera options on the market, we decided on the Phantom Flex. Without a doubt this has been one of the best decisions we've made. Not only because of the quality and solid nature of the camera, but also because of the high level of service from Jorge Villanueva and Paul Laureano, distributors of Phantom cameras in Mexico,” said Cuco Villarías.

With the assistance and support of Servicios Corporativos SLAM,  the distributor for Mexico and Central America, as well as Vision Research's support, the personnel of Renta Imagen has been expertly trained to respond to the new and exciting challenges in today's digital cinema, commercials and special effects industries.

Servicios Corporativos SLAM  is the local distributor, with offices in Mexico and the USA for Phantom digital high-speed cameras as well as other products for the cinema and entertainment markets, image processing laboratories, industrial processing, manufacturing, packaging, academic test laboratories, the automotive industry including crash test and analysis.

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