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Vision Research / I-MOVIX Partnership Debuts Innovative CineStream RTO Technology - First Live Ultra Motion Solution

Vision Research's CineStream RTO Technology Produces Ultra Motion Video


I-MOVIX in partnership with EVS, has created a unique solution for ultra motion broadcast applications by using the CineStream RTO technology from Vision Research. The X10 (Phantom Powered) is the first live ultra motion solution in the world that delivers groundbreaking 300 fps real-time continuous extreme slow motion in full HD (or 600 fps in 720p) combined with the EVS live production server. Developed in partnership with EVS, the X10 system, associated with the EVS XT3 production server under LSM control, smashes the performance ceiling of existing super slow motion systems, which are restricted to three times slower than real time or 75 fps.

The X10 solution provides “always on” slow motion, with the reassurance that no action need ever be missed. The system incorporates the latest generation Vision Research high-speed HD camera, delivering exceptional image quality matching the standards of the best broadcast HD cameras.

More information on this and any other I-MOVIX product is available at or by phone at +32 65 321 535.


I-MOVIX is a Belgian company with market-leading technology in the domain of extreme slow motion (from 150 to 10,000 fps). The company’s products are the first true full-broadcast integration solutions for ultra slow motion, offering the unprecedented combination of very high frame rates and instant replay. The technology has applications in live sports and other live TV productions, as well as in commercials, documentaries, feature films, and scientific R&D.

The company is headquartered in Europe, with a growing global network of distributor partnerships.

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