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10/28/2014 Vision Research Debuts New Phantom® Miro® C-Series At Automotive Testing Expo North America 2014
10/21/2014 Vision Research Announces Strategic Partnership with FlightScope®
10/01/2014 Vision Research Updates v-Series of 1 Megapixel Ultrahigh-Speed Digital Cameras
09/18/2014 Precitech, Vision Research, and Levicron Release a Second Series of Slow Motion Videos of Ultra Precision Machining
09/04/2014 Vision Research Phantom® v7.3 Digital High-Speed Camera Takes Flight On Board the International Space Station
07/09/2014 Vision Research Advances the Boundaries On The World’s Fastest Ultrahigh-Speed Digital Camera
06/30/2014 Precitech, Vision Research and Levicron Partner to Create First-of-its-Kind, Slow-Motion Video of Ultra Precision Machining
03/04/2014 Vision Research’s Ultra High Speed Phantom v2010 Now Shipping
12/20/2013 Vision Research Unveils Powerful New Model To Phantom Line of Digital Ultra High Speed Cameras
09/12/2013 Introducing from Vision Research: The Phantom® Flex4K Digital Cinema Camera
06/28/2013 Vision Research Expands Phantom Miro Digital High-Speed Camera Family to Include Ruggedized Miro R-Series
04/08/2013 Vision Research Unveils the Next-Generation of Digital High-Speed Imaging at 2013 NAB– the Phantom® Flex4K
09/04/2012 Vision Research Upgrades Popular Miro Line To Improve Accessibility and Ease of Use
08/31/2012 Vision Research’s v641 and v642 Digital High-Speed Cameras Captured Unforgettable Footage of the 2012 Summer Olympics
06/25/2012 Vision Research Introduces the Newest Member Of the Phantom®- 1Mpx- v-Series Camera Family
04/03/2012 Vision Research Introduces the Versatile Phantom Miro M320S Compact Digital High-Speed Camera
03/13/2012 Vision Research Provides Digital Video Sud with Nine Phantom® v641 Digital High-Speed Cameras
01/06/2012 Vision Research Colleagues to Receive Academy Award® for Contributing Significant Value to the Process of Making Motion Pictures
11/14/2011 Vision Research Introduces Third-Generation Phantom Miro Digital High-Speed Cameras
09/15/2011 Vision Research Brings High-Speed Imaging to Kingston University Moving Image Department
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