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02/11/2015 Miro 3 Battery Replacement Program
02/06/2015 Vision Research High-Speed Digital Cameras Instrumental in Teaching Construction Site Safety
02/03/2015 Blog Post: Crack! What Happened? A New View of Glass Crack Propagation
01/22/2015 Blog Post: Shock Waves Through the Lens of a Phantom UltraHigh-Speed v2511
12/29/2014 Order your Free 2015 Rand Kruback Phantom Camera Calendar Now
10/09/2014 I-MOVIX X10 UHD Delivers World Premiere 4K Live Super Slow Motion at German MotoGP Race
08/22/2014 Making “Diamonds” with High-Speed Digital Cameras
06/27/2014 The Best 2014 Erzbergrodeo Slo-Mos
05/21/2014 Revolution 435 D&C Acquires 2 Phantom Flex4k Cameras.
04/22/2014 Did You Know You Can Recycle High Speed Cameras?
03/06/2014 Register Your New Phantom Camera Online
02/28/2014 Columbia University: Utilizing High-Speed Imaging to Study Landslides
01/21/2014 Vision Research Launches Chinese Microsite
01/20/2014 2014 Phantom Camera Calendar Available
01/14/2014 February Training Classes Rescheduled
11/20/2013 Vision Research has Released Version v2.3.741.0 of Phantom Camera Control Software
11/12/2013 Fox Sports Florida to Intro "Phantom Cam" Technology Tuesday for Ducks at Panthers
10/08/2013 Vision Research Releases 5 Part Tutorial Series on Continuous Recording for PCC 2.2
10/07/2013 Vision Research Updates Tutorial Series For PCC 2.2
08/28/2013 New Case Study: Explosives Engineering: High Speed Imagery for Research and Experimentation
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