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Phantom - When it's too fast to see, and too important not to.

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08/28/2013 New Case Study: Explosives Engineering: High Speed Imagery for Research and Experimentation
07/23/2013 High-Speed Imaging in Explosive Engineering Short Course
07/23/2013 New Case Study: High-Speed Cameras Make Sound Visible and Improve Noise Absorbers
06/26/2013 Phantom Camera Control Software Updated
06/26/2013 Vision Research Updates Firmware for Phantom Cameras
04/22/2013 Digital High-Speed Cameras Work to Increase Automobile Fuel Efficiency
03/13/2013 Vision Launches New “Phantom Tools” App
03/06/2013 Miro Challenge Grand Prize Winner Announced
01/09/2013 Upcoming Video Series on Smarter Every Day's YouTube Channel Features Animals of the Amazon
01/03/2013 Vision Research Releases Firmware Updates Across V-series and Miro Camera Lines
12/27/2012 High-Speed Camera Research Underway at Louisiana State University
12/12/2012 Vision Research Announces the Launch of our New Company Blog
10/26/2012 Vision Research Unit Establishes First Asian Service Center in Shanghai, China
10/18/2012 SigZilla to be Used at the World Series on a Specially Modified Phantom Camera
10/15/2012 Miro High-Speed Inspiration Challenge Finalists Announced
09/25/2012 Firmware Upgrade for Phantom HD, M110, M120, M310, M320S, 65, v1210, v1610, RCU, and CineStation
09/14/2012 Explosives Engineering Short Course -- High Speed Imagery for Research and Experimentation
09/06/2012 Sublab Launches its Innovative SpectR System at IBC Amsterdam
08/30/2012 How to Properly Install a Battery on a Phantom Miro Camera
08/22/2012 Phantom PCC Software and Firmware Updated
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