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10/07/2015 Paragon Software Group Selected by Vision Research to Provide Seamless Data and File Sharing for Award-Winning Cameras
10/06/2015 Blog Post: PCC Makes Restoring Factory Settings or Creating / Loading User-Defined Settings Simple
10/01/2015 Product Update: Phantom CineFlash Dock
09/29/2015 Vision Research Announce Support for Phantom Camera Rental in Europe.
09/22/2015 Super September Phantom Logo Giveaway
09/18/2015 ESPN's Goal-Line Camera is the Coolest Football Innovation in Years
08/25/2015 I-MOVIX and Polecam Score with New Ultra Slow Motion Product
08/25/2015 Blog Post: MythBusters Put the v2010 to the Test
07/09/2015 Blog Post: Phantom Cameras Play Instrumental Role in Developing New Helmet Technology
07/02/2015 Shark Week 2015 On Discovery
06/22/2015 Live From the U.S. Open: Fox Sports, Inertia Unlimited Shoot at 62,000 FPS
06/02/2015 I-MOVIX X10 World Premiere Live at the 2015 Paris-Roubaix Race
05/27/2015 High-Speed Imagery for Research and Experimentation
04/30/2015 Phantom Cameras are Stars on American Idol
04/20/2015 First Drone Footage Captured with the Phantom Flex4K Slow-Mo Camera
04/09/2015 Apple Turns to High-Resolution Photography, Not CGI, for Apple Watch 'Motion' Faces
03/11/2015 Capturing Animal Migrations in Africa
02/11/2015 Miro 3 Battery Replacement Program
02/06/2015 Vision Research High-Speed Digital Cameras Instrumental in Teaching Construction Site Safety
02/03/2015 Blog Post: Crack! What Happened? A New View of Glass Crack Propagation
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