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Did You Know You Can Recycle High Speed Cameras?

Each year, 20 to 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste are generated worldwide. In 2011 alone, the U.S. generated 3.41 million tons of e-waste, composed...

04/22/2014 | More 

Register Your New Phantom Camera Online

Vision Research is expanding our Service and Support offerings on our website by providing our customers with online registration for their new...

03/06/2014 | More 

Columbia University: Utilizing High-Speed Imaging to Study Landslides

At Vision Research, it is one of our greatest pleasures to have the ability to partner with colleges and universities around the world allowing...

02/28/2014 | More 

Vision Research’s Ultra High Speed Phantom v2010 Now Shipping

Vision Research has begun shipping the Phantom v2010, the most-flexible and highest-performance ultra high-speed camera on the market. The Phantom...

03/04/2014 | More 

Introducing the Phantom v2010 - Our Newest Ultra High-Speed Camera

Introducing the newest member of the Phantom line of 1Mpx ultra high-speed cameras--the v2010. Boasting 22 Gigapixel-per-second throughput and speeds at greater than 22,000 frames-per-second at full 1Mpx resolution. The v2010 builds on the success of the v1210 and v1610 boosting performance by almost 40%.

The Phantom line of ultra high-speed cameras is targeted at applications in science, engineering and research where the phenomena under study is too fast to see, and too important not to. The cameras are used in applications ranging from ballistics to particle imaging velocimetry (PIV).

Download the datasheet here

Download the official press release here  

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Phantom Flex4k

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Phantom Camera Control (PCC) Software Supports NI DAQ Modules

The newest version of PCC has a lot of new features, but one that we are very excited by, is native support for National Instruments™ X- and M-Series Data Acquisition (DAQ) modules. Once the NI software drivers are installed on a computer running PCC, it will recognize any compatible DAQ module attached via USB.

This allows you to obtain data from a wide range of sensors during an experiment, and then visualize those data synchronized with slow-motion video captured using almost any Phantom camera.

For more information, visit the PCC, National Instruments DAQ Integration page