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Product Update: Phantom CineFlash Dock

Phantom Miro M, R and LC cameras use Phantom CineFlash drives to securely save Cine files from the camera’s RAM, allowing for un-tethered use...

10/01/2015 | More 

Vision Research Announce Support for Phantom Camera Rental in Europe.

Vision Research is pleased to announce support for Phantom Rental in Europe. We will be offering support for rental in Europe thru a partnership with...

09/29/2015 | More 

Super September Phantom Logo Giveaway

Enter to win this incredible Phantom Prize package! You'll receive a chance to win for every Customer Support Survey filled out in September. If you...

09/22/2015 | More 

ESPN's Goal-Line Camera is the Coolest Football Innovation in Years

The camera is a new iMovix Phantom camera in high frame rate UHD 4k, which doesn’t mean anything to me and probably 99.99% of viewers, but is...

09/18/2015 | More 


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Introducing the Phantom Ultrahigh-Speed 12 –Series, with More Memory

The newest additions to the Phantom Ultrahigh-speed UHS family offer significantly increased memory options as well as other features that make data management much easier.  The v2512, v2012, v1612 and v1212 all come equipped with either 72GB, 144GB, or 288GB of RAM and can be compatible with the CineMag IV, providing access to up to 2TB of non-volatile memory to quickly store critical data.  All members of the UHS-12 Series have superb sensitivity and the same framerates as the UHS-11 cameras:

  • v2512: over 25,000 fps
  • v2012: over 22,000 fps
  • v1612: over 16,000 fps
  • v1212: over 12,000 fps

Additionally, all cameras have unparalleled Phantom image quality, making them powerhouses ready to support any number of critical applications.

Click here to download the offical press release

Click here to download the UHS-12 Series datasheet


Featured Product

Major Updates to Phantom Flex4K Now Available

Vision Research has just released a major update to the Phantom Flex4K camera platform. First announced at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas, these new features are now available as a free firmware update and include Apple ProRes 422 HQ and audio recording. A new version of Phantom PCC software is also included, and is necessary to take advantage of these new features. Find out moreDownload the firmware.

Vision Research Introduces Miro LAB-Series Digital High-Speed Camera

Vision Research, the leader in digital high-speed imaging, has introduced a new camera series for its popular Phantom® Miro® line: the Miro LAB-Series. The LAB-Series is specifically engineered for laboratory and office settings where the camera is connected to a computer for storage, control, and image analysis. The new series offers the same award-winning, high-speed image capturing abilities as Vision Research’s other Phantom Miro series but designed for use in a controlled environment with a constant, reliable power source. Learn more

Discover the World of Phantom Digital High-Speed Imagery with this 3 Minute Movie

Whether you need a compact, lightweight, rugged camera for "point and shoot" applications, or a state-of-the-art camera with the world's fastest recording speeds for advanced research, we can help. Click here to view our world in three minutes.

Phantom Miro C-Series

Small, lightweight and rugged. Ideal for a variety of applications. Up to 1800 fps at 1.3 Mpx. Able to survive up to 170 g shock. These cameras are 3-inch cubes that weigh less than 1 pound, and are a part of a modular system design which includes a Junction Box for multi-camera applications.Details...